Hawaii Happens


HI Pie began as a tiny dessert catering business out of my home on the North Shore of Oahu in 2014. What it’s become has been a blessing and continues to amaze me. The preparation of food has inspired and captivated me all my life. Not only by the ability it has to comfort and uplift but how it can create life long memories in us. I started my first restaurant job when I was 14, bussing tables and washing dishes. Since then I’ve worked my way through many kitchens and bakeries, further cultivating my passion. As far as I’m concerned there’s no environment more exciting, comfortable or one that stimulates creativity more than a kitchen. I feel a sense of stewardship to this work I so deeply enjoy and after more than 20 years it continues to thrill and excite me. My hope is that you taste the devotion and care that goes into our products.


Casey Burns

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Meet Our Team


Maggie Hanson

Maggie seemingly fell out of the sky and into our kitchen, or at least that’s how it felt! She moved to Oahu in May 2019 from Wisconsin - Ironically, from the same town I grew up. She brought with her a serious passion for food, years of cooking and baking experience and that good old Midwestern work ethic. She is also a talented bread maker and has begun carving out a path for her delicious loaves of love, called Early Bird Sourdough. Maggie has brought spunk and a wealth of knowledge to our kitchen.


Olivia Marohnic

Olivia came to Oahu for college and hails from the youngest and wildest of the Hawaiian islands, the Big Island. She joined our team in September 2017 and has brought with her a witty sense of humor, raw natural ability and her love and unique perspective on food and flavor. It's been incredible watching her polish her skills and meet the demands of the kitchen with haste and grace. She has been fermenting and pickling for years and has just begun a small operation called OK Originals as an outlet for her creations! Her palate is unique and eccentric just like she is!


We Love Our Local Farmers

A large part of HI Pie’s business model is to use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible. We get our poi from Waiahole Poi, Kako'o' Oiwi as well as Hanale Bishop and bananas from local farmers throughout Oahu. When in season, we use local vegetables for our pot pies and quiche. As we continue growing we aspire to use even more organic, local, and seasonal products. We believe, as so many others do, that we need to support each other by buying and selling good quality products grown and prepared where we live.


Nick Reppun of Kako'o 'Oiwi and Gabe Sachter-Smith of Hawaii Banana Source

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Reppun brothers, Charlie (left) and Paul are legendary taro farmers in Waiahole.

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