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Butterfly Ice Cream

Our products are made by loving hands

While growning up in Wisconsin, I took a job on a dairy farm milking cows. It was a dream job if you ask me. I got up with the sun, milked a hundred or so cows, fed the calves and dogs, jumped on a tractor, cut a field or two, spread some manure, milked again and called it a day. I thought for a number of years I was going to be a dairy farmer. I really loved it. Because of my appreciation for farming, a big part of Hi Pie’s business model is to use as much locally sourced ingredients as possible. We get our poi from Waiahole Poi as well as Kakoo Oiwi and all bananas from local farmers throughout Oahu. When in season, we use local vegetables for our pot pies. As we continue to grow we aspire to use even more organic, local, and seasonal products. We believe, as so many others do, that we need to support each other by buying and selling good quality products grown and prepared where we live.

Village Bottle Shop & Tasting Room

Waimanalo Market Co-Op

​Where to find our goods

Island Vintage Coffee Co.:

KoOlina, Haleiwa, Waikiki

Kokua Market

​Reppun Farm, Oahu

Kalapawai Market

He'eia Pier General Store

Dairy Farm, WI